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Facebook join Q: easily signup making use of Zynga, will my favorite sounds listens instantly create provided on Facebook or twitter or combined with the Facebook realtime supply or our timeline?

Facebook join Q: easily signup making use of Zynga, will my favorite sounds listens instantly create provided on Facebook or twitter or combined with the Facebook realtime <a href=""><img src="" alt="escort girl North Charleston"/></a> supply or our timeline?

A: No. Signing up with facebook or myspace just makes it much simpler for you really to communicate items on myspace but only when you would like to discuss and do this by lifting Share on myspace links on station posts or on playback bar. As time goes by, we would provide capability to help you immediately discuss on facebook or myspace, however you had to especially request and accept for that particular to happen.

AirPlay Q: How Comen’t AirPlay get the job done? A: We’re working on a lasting treatment for this, in the mean time, collect AirPlay working away at your own gadget utilizing another application (just like the iPod application), then burden a BlackPlanet radio receiver playlist and you will probably understand AirPlay star from inside the common room.

Forgot Password Challenges Q: I often tried the ‘Forgot code” device, but couldn’t get a contact. A: 1st examine your junk mail folder. When there is almost nothing here, be sure to registered the e-mail street address you are going to put any time you licensed for BlackPlanet Radio – which is the only one that may capture present.

Can’t read Playlists Q: the reason dont I read my favorite playlists nowadays? A: be sure to make sure you are actually logged in — does one visit your login name to the correct of add A Playlist?

No sounds Q: While I perform a playlist, we don’t listen to any appear. A: just make certain you get flash set up, then verify the quantity slider is the way to correct, then confirm your personal computer presenters are on by actively playing video or any other media file on a site like

No end icon on droid Q: what makesn’t around a ‘quit’ key on android os application? A: Android/Google talk to that applications don’t add some an end icon, since break the single and returning to your very own device’s home-screen achieves the same

How can I submit tunes to become played? Q: how do you send musical is starred on BlackPlanet wireless? A: tactics is to make use of Tunecore and ensure you opt in to ‘MediaNet’

Playlists: Adding and Doing away with tracks Q: How can you use / remove songs from my playlist or get rid of our playlist? A: go through the “Edit” key on the playlist web page adjacent to the playlist subject. Remember to be logged in very first.

Single Skipping guidelines Q: What are the guidelines with skips? A: As a result licensing requisite, people are only able to forget about 6 period per 60 minutes.

Georestrictions (availability limitations outside the United States Of America) Q: the reason can’t I prefer BlackPlanet broadcast beyond the United States? A: BlackPlanet wireless only has permits to flow songs in the us – we’re doing permits to supply somewhere else, but don’t need some timeline however.

Hearing your individual Playlists Q: exactly why can’t we notice my own personal playlist without BlackPlanet radio receiver guidance? A: All of our certificates restrict you from creating DJs to listen to its playlist without tips included in. But that feature on BlackPlanet wireless is supposed to enable DJs generate playlists towards society and their buddies. Any time other individuals heed your very own playlist, they’ll simply notice the music your put in in – no referrals at all.

can not obtain track for our Playlist Q: The reasons why can’t I’ve found to increase my playlist? A: While BlackPlanet stereo offers a huge library of tracks (over 14 million) with brand new ones added once a week, there are lots of records we just don’t need nevertheless – sad for all the wait!

Can’t notice One specialist Q: the reason can’t I just now listen to ? A: our very own licenses protect against north america from trying to play well over 4 songs by a certain musician within a 3 hours stage, so we have to have all of our playlists to get most creators provided. If we didn’t stick to this guideline, we mightn’t offering BlackPlanet wireless 100% free.

Can’t heed track on Demand Q: precisely why can’t i recently discover a certain song once I wanna? A: All of our licenses stop us all from actively playing a particular track ‘on needs.’ When we couldn’t stick to this rule, we’re able ton’t offering BlackPlanetRadio at no charge.

Thumbs Up Q: So what does Thumbs up manage? A: We use Thumbs-ups which will make ideas for consumers about additional playlists they will likely appreciate (through the Just For You part of the cell phone programs)

Thumbs-down Q: specifically what does thumbs-down accomplish? A: If a particular tune on a certain playlist gets a lot of thumbs-downs, most of us remove it from that playlist. Most people additionally bypass any single you are experiencing should you provide it with a thumbs-down, as long as you have skips leftover.