KK – A brandname of techno 24

K. E. – ( Krehans) is actually a leading global provider of top quality electronic element brands. Additionally, it is one of the major manufacturers of electronic pieces in The european countries. Krehans is located in Indonesia and ships to worldwide consumers. The brand began in 1998 by Christian Giese. The Company’s variety of enterprise goods include the global premium brand KM’S E IN.

KMS E ON is known as a complete system for total electronic overhauling of industrial conveniences. The company performs closely with customers to develop and produce completely automated systems, which are used in the stocking and repair of parts and systems along with designing and manufacturing procedure monitoring apparatus. The company includes a wide range of products that happen to be ideal for just about every industry type. This includes electrochemical industries, plastic-type material industries, chemical-mechanical industries, fibre-optic industries, electric power production, textile fibers, and underwater and foodstuff processing sectors.

It offers cost-effective and cost effective solutions to a lot of the complex developing processes. It is very also suitable for small to method scale machineries and industrial facilities as well as for mass industries. KMS produces superior and durable multi-stage units and multipolar controllers. It also equipment fastener systems, merge fasteners, power connectors and thermal copy material.